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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Black & Blue, Montreal

CHILDREN.........I am so sorry I have not been in touch! I have just been extremely busy, and working on some great projects. Note that if you dont hear from me in a couple of days, just know that I will have all of the news for you all at once. I love blogging my booga boo, so thank you for tuning in. BOOOOO!

So here it is! I just got back from a long weekend in Montreal. I ended up catching the flu bug, and I am scheduled to attend the HX boat party tonight - celebrating their 15 years in existence. Congrats to the GANG at HX. I just cant do it. The doll is wiped out. The children weeeeeeeerked me this weekend.

The Black and Blue Festival was fantastic! I love that city. WOW!!!!! What beauties.......It is a great event. I arrived on friday, and was exhausted already, due to the fact that I was spinning at my weekly gig - called STRUT NYC - the night before. The moment we arrived to the hotel, I quickly hit the sack for an oh so cunty disco nap, honey. But it wasn't so cute until Joseph woke the doll for a sound check. We headed over to Club Medley; where the event was being held. I loved the stage, and the place was very dark -perfect for a leather ball. The sound check went OK so we headed back to the hotel for a little more R & R. As it turned out some friends were staying at the same hotel: EJ and Makuri Aviance, and we connected.

Time just flew by and before we knew it...SHOWTIME! I was really excited about this show. We had a new performance CD made with a new approach and Onyx Noir had designed a fierce new frock for me. I FELT GREAT AND THE SHOW WAS HOT! THANK YOU SERVAIN AND CRAIG FOR ALL THE HELP YOU GUYS GAVE US -- SO PROFESSIONAL!

The next day friends from NYC started showing up everywhere... So we went shopping and got ready for the Military Ball. Also had a great time at DJ's Manny Lehman and Paulette from London. They did a fine job. I love this party Black and Blue. It just amazes me that everyone and everything at this fest is donated. I got to see Jae Aviance perform with another sister named Sheena Hershey. I just LOVE Montreal drag. These gurls turn it out! Congrats on a terrific show.

It really was a great weekend!!!!!!