Thursday, October 19, 2006

A night out, Unzipped!

Wednesday’s night out was very a la social belle Epoch. Photographed Film Noir style.

My business manager and I had a long list of social reveling and charitable serving to accomplish by the nights end. We started off at Barney’s New York for the launch of Lanvin’s Menswear Fall/Winter collection, hosted by HRH Andre Leon Talley. Perched in a chocolate brown leather boot from the Highest Heel Collection, a black skirt with lots of ruching and gathering for your nerve, black trousers as the underpinning, a corseted belt adorned with a mantra of keys – each one accessible to every penthouse in NYC, a gauzy-like top, and a tailored dinner jacket. I was ready to take on the press. We arrived to a sea of photographers shouting out my name, Mr. Talley waving his hands like a wand perched on top a queen ann desk, and a wait staff of about 10 serving up the only bubbly bruit ha ha. It was ovah, ovah! This was the first time to be greeted by Mr. Talley ever so gracefully. He actually said hello, and took a moment for a photo-op with me. I gagged. He lost a lot of the excess weight, and looks fabulous. And of course he was sporting the only couture number, darling! In a rush to see what Lanvin was serving up, H.B. Nelson, a dear friend and associate at Barney’s showed me the way to the cutting-up. The collection featured English style riding jackets with fur collars, tuxedo like shirts; one in olive green, a smoky grey, and the other in eggplant, a short-cropped vest that was hot-to-trot in, and trousers that were oh-so slimming – perfect for me. I was in awe, and wanted every bit of it, but Dexter was like miss thing you are carrying - have another glass of champaigne, dear! Ok, so the couture was off limits, and now I was after the wait staff. There was this tall and sexy brother who looked good as the chocolate covered strawberries that he brought around and around over 6 times and planted on my palette. By then I had already top off a bottle of the bubbly bruit ha ha, and all I have to say is “YUM”! He was loverly, honey. I also ran into Emil Wilberkin, who was the editor of Vibe Magazine. We scurried up to the collection, and had a very long conversation about what he is currently doing and what I would like to work on with him; which is the Kevin Aviance version of Mahogany. He is very interested, and we will be talking further. Before you know it the party was winding down and it was time to hit the next event on the list. We headed down to Lotus to do a meet & greet at a fundraiser benefiting Rivington House (the first and largest AIDS-specific long-term care facility in the country) located here in Manhattan. I also donated a signed photograph of me posing for the cover of “STRUT” – my single to their silent auction and raffle drawing, and wanted to be present to congratulate the winner. Ya know most celebrated entertainers always donate items to these charitable functions, but almost all the time are never present to magnify the support. I feel that if I am going to be a part of a charitable organization, by lending my name and likeness, I want to fully support them by being in attendance. So I pressed up in there lovely, honey! Melvin Francisquini, the event organizer was delighted to see me, as well as the other attendees. They were very surprised to see that I made it. So all you artists that donate items or enlist your name as co-chair for a charitable event, please attend because it makes a huge difference for their supporters. The person, who won the signed photograph of me, was this woman who wrote a fat check. She and her loverly man in hand took a hold of the framed photo and marched on knowing that they just helped someone dying from AIDS. I am happy that I was able to do that. Children make a difference. It’s worth every penny.

Next we were off to Nikki Beach; a hot trendy lounge midtown east to celebrate style aficionado Nole Marin birthday of Top Model last season. We arrived just in the nick-of-time to cling glasses with the fashion diva. Wasting no time, I stepped up onto the runway as he came out for the final bow of his runway show. This was all part of Dexter egging me on to go up there. The Paparazzi just started clicking away, honey. With my back to the paparazzi, all I could imagine was Dexter just ki ki ing away. The bitch lives for the press. With no way to exit once I was up there, I was forced to strut right back down the runway to an army of brazilian glamazons coming for me the other way, and naturally I was head-up with the press; which is exactly what Dexter had in mind. It was a genious egg-on I must say. We then headed up to the VIP room, where all the birthday madness was taking place. All the fashionistas were perch; from Menswear designer Loris Durant, makeup artist to the stars John O - ya know, the other Jacky O to Aaron; Lindsey Lohan’s right-hand makeup guy, and whole of house of champagne infused supermodels. It was a fierce gathering of 7th on 6th – midtown east.

The clock was ticking honey, and time was running out. We still had 3 more parties to attend. Further up on East 58th Street we attended the preview opening of OW BAR & Lounge. That was a quick kiki, because by this time the doll had a little too much bubbly and needed to pause for a minute and grab a bite. After that we sped downtown R Bar to catch Galen, my friend and photographer/writer of the gay circuit mags to help celebrate his birthday. That was a hoot. The bar was really cool looking. They had go-go dancing poles on each side the of bar, with red-leather quilted walls. HOT!!!! Also, there was a grand entrance – perfect for any queen to cut a runway; which is what I did to make my entrance. It was ovah! By now we were all 3 sheets-to-the-wind, and it was time to press uptown to our last stop on list; which was The Ritz, a very chic bar/lounge in the heart of Hells Kitchen. We fell up in there; delighted that it was the final stop for the evening. We hung out with Tommy the owner, and chatted about me filling in for Gomi next Friday October 27. So come by and listen to me turnout some fierce music. Yes, I will be spinning, honey!!!!! Catch ya later!


Anonymous The Empress said...

Damn Kevin you're so busy. I love it! Have fun Baby!

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin, glad to see your back in full swing. Looking forward to seeing you on tour. Hopefully, you decide to make Philly one of your destinations.

My Best,

5:04 PM  

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