Sunday, October 15, 2006

Whats Happening?

I am on my way home from a short weekend in Tucson, Arizona, and I have ki kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii for you children.

Tune in tomorrow for the fully story, honey!

Please attend the rally tomorrow 10/16 at 5PM - CITY HALL, NYC.

But while I'm here, I would like to fill everyone in on a few things I'm currently working on:

I've decided to Join amfAR's Trek Africa adventure; which will be in May 2007. In the next coming weeks, I will be posting information about the trek, and the purpose behind it. I have alot of fab ideas in store, and I am looking forward to having everyone involved; as you all know it is for a good cause.

The Kevin Aviance Shoe Collection is in the works. I just finished designing the line, and it is scheduled to launch February 2007. The collection will be made up of 12 - 15 styles; some available in sizes up to 14. Woohoo! The over size 10 was especially formulated for myself, as well as my fellow drag heelers and women who just simply can't fit their biscuits up into a regular size pair of shoes. The collection is very chic and offers alot of panache. It is also priced moderately, and will keep you struting all spring and summer long. It the meantime, I have endorsed The Highest Heel Collection (pictured here), and it will be available on my online boutique in the next coming weeks.

I am spinning at a weekly party called STRUT every Thursday from 10PM - 4AM. No Cover. REBEL - W. 30th Street bet. 7th & 8th AVES. It's the old downtime space. So come on out and STRUT with me on the dance floor. New Space, New Flavor, Legendary Sounds, and all the fierceness and cutting-up. ITS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget to check out the NOVEMBER ISSUE of Marie Claire Magazine - The Beauty Scoop Section. There I reveal all of my beauty secrets. Get into it, Honey! You too can be dragaliscious.

That's it for now, but continue to tune-in to, myspace, and the blog for new and developing projects, as well as my daily dish.


Anonymous Ashley The Fab Monkeh said...

Me again! I AM BUYING SOME OF YOUR SHOES! Love ya babe, Ashley

10:41 PM  

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