Saturday, October 14, 2006

In Light of Michael Sandy's Death

As I woke up this morning in sunny Tuscon, Arizona - so sad and angry to find that someone was killed because they were GAY. As you all know this hits close to home with me; as I was a vicitim of a gay hate crime back in June this past summer. AMERICA, WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? I AM SO SICK TO MY STOMACH, CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO SUCH A THING; JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR SEXUAL PREFERANCE. THAT'S TIRED!!!!!!! This needs to stop. We need to talk to these kids, and educate to them what their parents and piers failed to do. It is especially our government that has paved the way for these things to happen. I am so upset right now. Like I said, I am in Tuscon; here to perform for a few thousand at their annual Gay Pride, and I am at wits end with this breaking news. I really can't even get through this blog, but children I am going to try my best.

I would like to send Love to Michael Sandy's family, friends, and to all of my brothers and sisters who all have to face this type of adversity in the world we live in today. You think that America is a progressive country, well guess what, its not!!!!! How many more attacks and deaths will it take for our government to wake the ^%^&-UP and PROTECT US. We are human beings; we breath the same, blead the same, and shit the same. STEP UP TO THE PLATE, AND LETS STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING.


Children, feel free to write in to me anytime to tell me how you feel about anything. I am certainly here for everybody; as you guys have given me so much support throughout my career.

May the Lord, GOD bless us and protect us, for these people who have so much hate against us GAY people shall learn that we are wonderful people - children of GOD!!!!!

Please light a candle for MICHAEL SANDY. May he rest in peace.

I am angry, but I am still going to put on an amazing show tonight! He will be with me in spirit!

Tuscon - Get Ready!!!!!


Blogger Joe A2theV said...

I was thinking about you alot today. Peace, Love and Aviance


11:49 PM  
Anonymous Ashley the Wonder Monkeh said...

Hey beautiful! I watched your show on tyra, and I have to say... I really didnt know who you were before but I do know! You are so strong and beautiful and brave. I hate the fact that people get hurt because of there sexual orientation. One of my best friends is a lesbian. She was excommunicated out of her catholic church for being who she is. As her friend I deal with alot of hate as well. But I will NOT limit my choices to friends based on there color, religon, or sexual preference. The thing is people try to label everyone... gay, straight.. but the only label we should use is human! Anyways that is my rant! lol I really would like to send you a letter or an email or something... I dont know how to contact you so this should do for now! Peace my Beautiful Friend!

1:19 PM  

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