Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In The Land of Gazell's

Last night I headed out to Happy Valley for the release party of Gazelland Magazine's Third issue celebrating music and those who make an impact on club land.

It was a red-carpet affair - a party not to be missed, because I am on the cover. I arrived to Miss Kenny Kenny werking that door, Honey! She was reading these children all sorts of rights. Miss Suzanne Bartsh whisked me passed all the drama, and through the door to be greeted by Gazelle - the editor/art director of the mag. He was done for the GODS; wearing this chandelier like headpiece bejeweled with large circular silver sequence adornments. It was beautiful. I hadn't seen a copy of the mag before, nor any photos, so it was a complete surprise for me. I was approached by many people saying things like "did you see the magazine", "you look amazing", and "beautiful cover". It was a bit overwhelming, but wonderful at the same time.

Miss Liza, the producer of my single STRUT was there with open arms. She grabbed a hold of me and we strutted on downstairs to the hot box, where we met up with John Ed of Party Productions NYC (, John Norris of MTV, Perfidia, Anthony LaMont, Michael Eisenbrown, Monica Xtravaganza, Swayne, and DJ Merrit to mention a few who were also there to celebrate Miss Dahlia's Birthday. We had an absolute kiki. The celebration was lovely, and the magazine is hot. Also included is an interview with DJ Johnny Dynell by Patrick McDonald, and profiles of some of the most celebrated club icons across three continents such as; Kenny Kenny, Mathew Glamorre, Princess Julia, Jonte, Larry Tee, Tasty Tim, The Ones, Amanda Lepore, DaLipstyxx, and Allison Gothz.

For a copy, visit - It's Oooooovah!


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