Thursday, August 10, 2006

All Around Town

Miss Thing, you have no idea what I feel like right now. I ran around the city today; like a chicken with its head cut-off. It was crazy! My management team had me going in every direction. First, we headed over to Kevin Aviance World - our headquarters; which I had'nt been before, because this is all pretty brand new to me. I gagged, honey! The moment I set my foot into the lobby of the building, I was like "Miss Kevin, you have arrived". Their were plants everywhere, tall ceilings, stone floors, beautiful people storming through, and of course eye-candy down. It is so professional; which ya'll know I am nobody's corporate America, I am an artist - a very creative one at that. But, I must say I like how my career now has an element of corporate America attached to it. Everything is very structured, tightly operated, and so on point. Today, I have a sense of direction - so focused on moving onward, and upward. It feels great!

Next, we dashed down to HX Magazine offices to meet with Ms. Mark Berkley; who we are in talks with about planning my return concert. We sat down for a round-table discussion, and just pretty much touched on the elements to be included in the production. During our discussion, we were interupted by all sorts of cute boys marching in and out of that office. It was quite entertaining. Stay tuned, as I will have more info on the concert as it becomes available to me. I love Mark, he is such a sweetheart.

After the meeting, we then headed back uptown for some much needed shopping. We are preparing for my appearance on the Tyra Banks show - taping on Friday August 25th, and airing in the Fall 2006.

It was an intense day. The doll is exhausted!!!


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