Thursday, August 03, 2006

On The Cover

Today was really the first day in a long time that I felt totally on top of the world. I was on a photo shoot for the cover of Gazelland Magazine, and also being interviewed for MY 9 News - an exclusive story about my recovery. Gazelland Magazine is a new publication featuring the most influential people that make club land so fabulous. I was picked-up in a chauffeur driven SUV - so rock star - by Paulo Gazel, the publisher of the magazine. He whisked me down to MAC professional makeup studio to have my mug painted for their September Music issue. When we got there the makeup artist got right to working on me. He started to lightly paint my face, but I had to let him know honey - I am a Queen and you must apply full coverage to my fotch. I am accustomed to my face being very flawless, especially when being shot for a magazine. After I lit him up, he got it. All in all, he is an excellent makeup artist, but I had to let him know how I am done. I am very particular about how my makeup is applied. After that, He gilded my head with orange, red, and yellow sworovski crystals. In the end, I looked ovah, ovah!!!

We then headed down to the photo studio in Tribeca, where the production crew for the mag, and the news crew waited for my arrival. First things first, I got right down to the news interview. She - the reporter - asked me all sorts of questions. I was just living, and thanking God for what he has given me; which is strength to move forward with my life and my career.
After the interview, the fashion designer arrived, and I slipped right into to the couture he made for me. It was very Flamenco dancer meets samurai warrior. I was ready to turn the cover out. The photographer had the wind machine going, and my girl Janet Jackson singing in the background. I really felt empowered on that set. I said to myself, "Ms. Kevin Aviance is back, but with a clear message in mind". Stay tuned to the premiere of the September issue of Gazelland. You will not miss me on the cover. It is very strong!!!



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