Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dance Digga Dance

Last night after a hellish flight back from the "Windy City", I was in no mood to go right to bed. All I really wanted to do was dance; which is my way of melting my troubles away. I stood in front of the mirror - carrying on, of course - striking poses, trying on heels, and twirling to some fierce remixes by my friend Victor Calderone. With that said, I got into a fierce get-up, pranced out the door, and headed down to Crobar to really turn it out. It was my first night there since Gay Pride weekend. I spotted all of the children carrying-on to the fierce beats of Ms. Calderone herself. It was ovah! In the back corner of the club; feeling CUNTY, CUNTY, CUNTY - I decided to carry myself. It was a bit reminiscent of seasons past.

As I was danceing, I saw this beautiful women from afar staring at me. She had this sought of orange & yellow glow of light around her. It was amazing! She noticed that I was staring back at her, so she then started to walk towards my "CUNTY corner". As she got closer, I noticed she had a very peculiar look in her eyes. She then approached me, saying "hi, how are you"? "Are you Kevin Aviance"? I said, "Yes, what's your name"? She said, "Simret". I was all like, giggly inside and shit. It was too funny. She then said, "I am so sorry to hear what happend to you, but it's great to see you here enjoying what you do; which is dancing". She was very concerned about my well being, and wen't on to say things like; staying at home won't do you any good, you must get out of the house and be with friends, even go out to a club and listen to music, and just dance - it's good therapy for me. We actually chatted for a while; it turns out that she is a psychologist. So, she gave me her information, and offered to consult with me about my current emotional state. That in itself was a blessing to have gone out and see the children. The glowing light I saw around her was very angelic, and I knew something was about to happen. It was a major psychic experience for me. Call me weird, but I was supposed to meet this woman. Trust me, I will be calling her. I might be physicaly feeling great, but their is still alot of emotional pain lying dormant. Not Cute! I will keep you posted on these issues.


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