Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Party Fit for a Queen

I last asked you, "It should be fierce, right?". Well it was.

I fell up in there, rock star clad and all. In a stark white tailored pant suit, a pair of white open toe stilletoes, and my face pressed for the GODS. The entrance was stunning! I was greeted by my fashionista friend, Justo Artega, who was the host of the party. After my photographic entrance, I turned to my left, and lined up against the bar, were the blowing of air-kisses from the children, and some of the most beautiful girls. I was like a Box of Chocolates, melted when approached by everyone. Towards the back of the lounge, their was film footage of Frankie Morello's Fall 2006 collection being displayed against the wall. This was to commerate his seasonal launch of fashionable milanese wear. I also had the opportunity to meet him and his entourage. They were very nice, so chic, and we had a few laughs.

The music was very old school - gorgeous. After a few of those Oprah Winfrey inspired lemon drop cocktails, I found myself on the dance floor walking to the beat of the original version of din-da-da. I turned-it out! Sonya, a ki-ki girlfriend from back in the day, was challenging me. It was cute, but I had to let her have it. Serving, twirling, hitting poses, my hands moving gracefully throughout the air, I hit my final pose, picked up a gift bag and was out the door.

The space is heavy on the walnut and leather, as every proper manor should be. Between the leather floors in the front Bar Room, black pony-haired banquettes, and walnut wood-trimmed everything, you'll feel like you're in a gentleman's study (add walnut paddles and gold plated harnesses and it could be an elegant bondage room). The DJ spins house music from a 24-karat gold-trimmed DJ booth, and the new downstairs is a sleek haven, perfect for private events, with a 60-inch plasma screen hidden behind mirrors (and that clutch bearskin rug). The club has a complimentary fleet of 2006 Cadillac Escalades ready to transport you to your next destination. And for nights when the Eastern Time Zone just doesn't cut it anymore, a call on the private Marquis Jet phone at the hostess booth will get you on a quick flight out of Dodge. It's Ooooooooooovah! I had a kiki!


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