Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Dress Rehearsal

Today's dress rehearsal proved to me why I wanted to be a part of this show. It is the first show where I'm actually not the lead. I am a dancer with a sense of purpose - a person representing many entities of the gay community. The most riviting moment of the show is at the end. I am the last dancer left on stage to pick up a red dress; which is worn throughout the show by Penny, and left for me to put on - sending a clear message about her journey. The red dress is symbolic of Penny's gay friends; essentially her life experience. It represents homophobia, and a million other things that mean a great deal to her. To have me draped in this Red Dress at the end of the show is extremely moving for me, her, and as she knows it, her audience too. It also represents strength for every queen that have ever been ridiculed, fag bashed, treated like less than human for being gay, queer, effeminate or different. It is very powerful. A wonderful experience, and I am happy to be doing it. It's very artsy, raw, erotic, and breaths a very strong message; which is everything I love. It is the anecdote to my healing process!


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