Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Fashion Fix

Last night I had an itch to get out of the house, take a walk - which is a challenge, and do something that's en vogue. So, I called up a girlfriend, and said "lets go see "The Devil Wears Prada". So excited, it was playing in my neighborhood, we went clickity-clock down memory lane. I gotta say it was a little weird, because I have'nt gotten used to walking around and feeling safe since the incident. On our way, I was greeted by many well wishers - interested in my recovery, sending me positive vibes. It was a little overwhelming, but I appreciated the love and joy of my gay brothers and sisters. We arrived a little late, but needless to say we got there in one piece - bejeweled with love and happiness. We got first class seats - the very front row, and was able to see the diva - Meryle Streep - up close and personal. I totaly relate to here, and we also share the same birthday. She was absolutely flawless in the movie. And for those who have'nt seen the movie, I suggest you go running is a must see movie that will always be in fashion - darling! Also, Patricia Field, who was the costume designer for "Sex in the City", ushered in the most incomparable fashion statements in the movie - old school classics we all long to see. It was absolutely gorgeous. Just exactly what I needed - a fashion fix!

The feelings of a fashionista. We next headed over to see Shasta Cola turn-it-out @ Baraccuda. There I was greeted again by an entourage of well wishers, saying things like "Thanks for having a voice", "we miss you", and "when are you coming back". Shasta also dedicated a Whitney Houston song to me titled "I have nothing". It was so sweet, I started crying...........Thank you, Thank you. It is a great feeling to have people around you that care and support you. I cry almost everyday, just out of pure joy to have the love and support that most victims of hate crimes probably wouldn't have had. It is a blessing, and therefore I am thankful. I love you guys!

It was the first time in three weeks, It felt normal to walk home feeling safe. It was a great evening, but I still have alot of healing to do.


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