Monday, July 17, 2006

Home, Sweet Home.

I touched down at 5:30AM this morning, and rushed home to see the love of my life - "Lola", my little chihuahua. She was so excited to see me; barking and jumping up. I took one look at her, and said "Miss thing is back". She ran and jumped on my lap; kissing my face - to say, I know girl. You might think I am crazy, but dogs know the tea. Their spirit is quite aware of what's going on. I felt so alive to be back at home; ready to take on the world.

Dexter, my business manager stopped by to catch-up, and discuss the next steps to turning my career around. We spoke about their being the possibility of a national tour, then a world tour, merchandising and licensing deals in the works, new music choices, people who I will like to collaborate with, a new makeup and stylist team, and so on. My mind was just flowing with many good thoughts, and tons of energy. It's exciting! And I have to say, I feel really secure with the journey that I am about to embark on. Its fierce! We also prepared for my interview with Out Q; a sirius radio talk show, hosted by Larry Flick - scheduled for tomorrow morning. Then we got a call from Len Evans, my publicist; inquiring about my beauty must-haves for Marie Claire's Magazine beauty scoop page - the November issue. That's HOT! We were so on top it. Completed. Sent. Their so many good things cooking for me right now, and in the next coming months, I promise I will let you in on it all.

Now, I have to get ready for - what is to be my first NYC appearance with my jaw unwired - Frankie Morello's fashion fete at The Manor, located in the meatpacking district. It should be fierce, right?


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