Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hold the Peanuts, Please!!!

Well girls, listen to this one. As I thought I was doing well, I wasn't ready for what I am about to tell you. Last night - a few hours before curtain call, a couple cast members and I wen't out for dinner. In the framework of my flawless diet, I naturaly ordered a salad - very California Cunt! It was oh so delicious, and I enjoyed every morsel of it. Little did I know the drama was brewing, we then headed to the theatre to prepare for the opening night of the show. The moment we arrived, I began to beat my face, then got into full costume. I felt very good, looked realy fierce, and was ready to work the show. The show starts, and all is well. It wasn't until towards the end of the show when the audience was staring at me that I realized something was not right; which by the way they thought I was wearing some bizarre theatrical make-up that did'nt lend a look to the show. Strangely enough I was actually beginning to have an allergic reaction. I started feeling sick; my face swelling up, my tounge enlarged, and my lips pumped up. On cue of course, I exit the stage and headed for the dressing room. I said to one of my cast mates, "I don't feel well". He said, "oh my God, are you ok"? I said, "no my face, tounge, and lips are swollen. I think I am having an allergic reaction to something. It was my cue to go back on and close the show, but I couldn't - my face was swollen-up to the size of a helium balloon. The show ended, and I was rushed to The Good Samaritan Hospital of Los Angeles right away. Miss thiiiiiing, it was not cute! The doctors gave me medicine to calm the swelling, and oxygen to help me breath. I was fit to be tied! We suspect that the "oh so delicious salad" that I devoured, must have had crushed peanuts somewhere in the mix. I truly gagged. I called my management, and they were gagging too.

I was discharged from the hospital this morning, and returned back to my hotel to get some rest; which was the doctor's order. So woozy and out of it, I missed a phone interview that was scheduled for this morning with Time Out Magazine. Needless to say, my publicist later got a hold of me, and I was able to do the interview. The swelling wen't down, I can breath, and I feel much better.

Well as usual, the show must go on. So, my car is here, and I am heading out to the theatre now.

Talk to you later!


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