Wednesday, July 19, 2006

To the Ladies Who Lunch

Today, Joseph, my personal manager and I headed out to pull a look together for my upcoming appearance at the closing ceremonies of the Chicago Gay Games. The theme we were going for, was "Rocky" - a champion look. We pumped around-town, in and out of shops, to find a couple fab performance options. It felt like the old times - so sureal.

After, we then headed over to W. 43rd & and 10th Ave to meet NYC's gay pimp - Jonny McGovern (pictured left), for a festive lunch. It was a real creative and philanthropic meeting. I felt like one of those ladies, you know? We discussed party ideas for a benefit to help me with my mounting medical and living expenses. One of them being something like Oprah's legends Ball, minus the bazaar number of waiters and cooks. Our version of the legends ball, would be to have roughly about 10 diva queens; each performing one of my songs throughout the night. No introduction, and very impromptu. This is just one of them, but we will be meeting again to nail down the final theme and a date. We also spoke about inviting several New York City legends; including myself to record a single in retrospect of anti-hate crimes, something very much on the order of "We are the World". Needless to say, the meeting was very productive.

That Jonny McGovern is so talented. I look forward to us working together.


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