Sunday, July 30, 2006


Though it was not my official return to the stage, the reception I recieved at Peter Rauhoffer's Classics Night at the ROXY last night was pretty astounding. I was there to make a special appearance - sought of like a dress rehearsal for my upcoming tour; which is in the works. I was a little nervous, but was not about to let the nerves hold the queen back. I arrived to the club around 1AM. The line stretched from the door to the middle of the block. Door King, Dereck Neen was there to greet my entourage and I. It was like the old times; air-kisses, step back poses, helio's, and what's going on - we were all excited to be back. We then pumped back to the dressing room to prep for my first classic cover of the night - "Tainted Love", by Gloria Jones. It was a throw-back to the 80s'. Everyone was there including; Ari Gold, Dhalia, Kim Aviance, DJ Nita Aviance, Michael Nash, and my managers Joseph & Dexter to name a few. It was so nostalgic- we were cutting up in the dressing like crazy. The moment I hit that stage, my memories of the old-times came full circle - I GAGGED. The crowd was amazing, as was my performance. Stylist Michael Nash had me in this Crocodile number; which was fierce - I felt very "Raiders of the Lost Ark". It was HOT! Though my first number was cute, I just wasn't feeling it yet. I figured I would really let loose on my next number; which was "Din Da Da". I came out in this bolleroesque jacket, black thigh-high patent leather boots, a g-string - naturaly, and this bull horn staff bejeweled like a disco ball. It was CUNTY! I was not even ready for myself. The children went up as I stepped onto the stage. I held my hand to my ears; as to say I can't hear you. They were going crazy. I had to just stop, and listen to them chanting. It was a great feeling for me.........Next, was "What Hope Have I"; which was very appropriate. I came out in this red leotard fight club like outfit with boxing gloves, and silver stilleto knee high boots; showing the audience that I was ready to fight back. They loved it. I was throwing right and left punches - something I never new I could do - and holding up my hands like I was George Forman winning the GRILL, if you know what I mean! All in all it was a fabulous night at the ROXY. Thank you Peter, Jason, Mitch, the staff at ROXY, and last but not least my fans who came out to support me. I had a ball!


Anonymous KIM AVIANCE said...

The beat for your red street fighter gone flamenco is a visual I was not prepared for. Its what makes you KEVIN AVIANCE. Those small subtle smokey eyes with the hood and the "loose" expression on your face.......GAGGED!!!! No Really becomng SPEECHLESS again!!!!

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