Monday, August 07, 2006


Yesterday, was certainly a treat for me. I headed out to Jacob Riis Beach in Brooklyn to show-out for my gay brothers & sisters. It was the closing event for NYC's black gay pride, sponsored by the P.O.C.C - People of Color in Crisis.

My entourage and I arrived around 4PM to a sea of bikini-clad men and women - eye-candy for your nerves. They were gettin down to Beyonce's latest hit, "Dejavu"; which is one of my faves. They were having so much fun, and I couldn't wait to hit the stage and strut my stuff too. We were escorted by the events personel to my dressing room; which was one of those RV trailer things - you know what those hollywood celebs today have custom made with all sorts of luxury ammenities. My trailer had a fully stocked bar, food for the nations, and all sorts of plush treats fit for a queen. I arrived makeup ready, but just had to add some additional adornments to complete the look; which was very avante-garde - you know me. I had a surprise visit by the R&B Group S.W.V - Sisters with Voices. They were so sweet, and entertaining. I took a break from glamorizing to say hello and pose for a few pics. After much schmoozing & mingling, their was a knock at the door from the stage manager saying, "Kevin are you ready?". I was slipping into the last bit of couture- rouching and tightening all the fixins. It was so En Vogue. The trailer door then opened, and I was ready to rock this one out. The sun was beaming down on me; as if to say, I was born again. I shouted, "Greetings Citizens" - the children went up. "Clap-your-hands", and they started clapping. "You can do it", and then they were screaming. I said to myself, it is Sunday and we are going to have church up in here. Now, keep in mind my trailer was not next to the stage, it was about 75 ft away. So, some of the children were walking with me as I was chanting my way to the entrance of the stage. I was preaching, child! The moment I hit that stage, the crowd went all sorts of crazy. I had the sound guy stop the music, so I can give the children a bit of inspiration, and to also let them know that the queen was alright. After much said, I went on to give them a little mini-concert of some sorts. I sang "dance for love", "Strut"; which is #13 on the charts now, "din da da", and of course "cunty". Closing with "cunty", I asked all the fem queens and butch queens to come up on stage and bring it. Girl, I've never seen so many queens really carry to this song. They were kicking their legs ups, dropping to the floor, fanning their hands around the face, and twirling into the only cunty cunty ballroom-like learn it darling poses. It was ovah, and very much a breath of fresh-air to see the children going up for the song. That's legendary!

After the show, top model Eva Pigford came up to the stage to host the hot body contest. We exchanged hellio's, and I was off back to my trailer to peal out of the couture.

I would do this again. It was fun!!!


Anonymous Théodore R. said...

Dear Kevin,

Hello and how are things? I received a message and linked to your blog and I see that you are well, stunning and back. I assume that you must be quite busy at the moment, but I would like to tell you that waking up this morning and reading your blog bought joy, admiration and inspiration. I do hope that you continue to do well and send you all of my best. So, a big kiss from Paris.

Je t’embrasse très fort.


4:51 AM  

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