Friday, August 04, 2006

The Kick-off to NYC's Black Gay Pride

I am living for the fem queens and butch queens uptown, honey!

Last night I headed uptown to Harlem to perform at this new party called Lyfe, at the Karate Club. The New Ballroom scene, uptown. Those kids had to have been 18 - 21 years old, because their skin was pressed. They were gorgeous. I gagged!

But here is the kiki: We arrived there around 1 o'clock in the morning, and the place was dead. I was like, ok where are the children? The promotor of the party said, "they don't get here until around 2 and 3 o'clock". I was like, what? And sure enough he was correct. It was around 2 o'clock, I peeped my head out of the dressing room, and sure enough the kids were pumping through - ready to cut a runway. This was the new generation of ballroom children, and they looked ovah. I didn't feel out of place, because some of "The legendary" children were also present too.

Now it was about 2:30, and it was time for me to take the stage. When I hit that stage, all I could see were a slue of queens fanning themselves with paper - it was hot down. I decided to be eye-level with the children, so I came down onto the dance floor. They looked at me with astonishment, like who-is-this-queen? Of course I was done, and unbothered! I began cutting-up, singing my song, and doing what I do so naturaly - turning it out. Their was not one expression of living from these kids. So you know what? At the end of my song, I looked around to the entire dance floor and said, "it doesn't matter if your not living, because I am living and it's ovah". They all got up off there seats, and started clapping and shouting all sorts of praises. I kiki'd honey. I realized it wasn't that they were'nt living, they were a well behaved audience.

If your into the ballroom scene, check out LYFE, Thursdays at the Karate Club:
2234 Third Avenue - Harlem
Promoted by: Mike Haynes & Joseph Ebony


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