Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Yes, I've been extremely busy, and have fallen a little behind on my blog, but here is the scoop:

Today, I had a phone interview with the lovely Didi Gluck of Marie Claire Magazine. We dished about all of my beauty secrets, and what it takes to get this QUEEN looking so loverly; which is realy just a simple foundation, some powder, a little color on the eyes, a lip, and out the door. Yeah right! It's not that easy being a queen, darling. As I am sure all of you girls know what it really takes to put it all together, right? Anyway, it was an amazing interview - it will be in the Nov. 2006 issue. The Beauty Scoop page - a tell all about what its like getting dolled up for one of my fabulous evenings to serve up hits like; Strut, Cunty, din da da, Alive, Give it up, and so on.

So, for all of you queens who aspire to be fierce, and having your face pressed for the Gods - Check it out, as I let the world in on what products I use to achieve a gorgeous winter glow.

Marie Claire Magazine at a News Stand near you this Fall, HONEY!!!


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