Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hartford, CT 25th Pride Celebration

This was a kiki, honey! We arrived to Hartford, CT early Friday afternoon. Checked into the hotel; which was very cute. We had lunch at this restaurant called Morty & Mings. It was Jewish and Asian cuisine all wrapped in one. One side of the menu offered Matzo Ball Soup, while the otherside offered Fried Pork Dumplings. It was far from Kosher, but oh so delicious. After lunch we headed over to the venue; which was Hartford's City Hall. There were tall ceilings, several balconies that looked over the main floor, roman columns everywhere, and spiral staircases that wrapped round and round, and up and down the entire venue - just like one of my couture tube dress numbers from yester year. It was very grand, darling. My team and I staged the show, and worked out all of the performance details. After that, we headed back to the hotel for a disco nap. My call time was set for 11:15PM pick-up, so the doll rose at 10PM to start painting the face loverly. Yes, it takes the queen 45 min. to an hour to put it all together, and that's fierce honey!

Moving along, we headed out to City Hall to turn the children lovely. I arrived tastefully clad and all. I was greeted by a whole slue of City Counsel members, saying hello and posing with me for a few photo ops. I was gagging honey. We were up in this grandy-oh-so room where most of their meetings are held; which happend to be my make-shift dressing room, complete with a bar and all. Time flew by real quickly, honey. It was midnight and the doll was ready to hit the stage. The children were living. I did all sorts of carrying on. It sure was a kiki of an evening.

Though it was a kiki, I am here for the weekend, and I have to get to bed early for a couple of shows later today.


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