Thursday, August 24, 2006

L.A. Confidential

At 5AM I had the alarm clock and my phone ringing off the hook! Don’t these queens think I can wake up in the morning? Today’s the day and we’re off to LA, to meet with Miss Tyra Banks for a sit down interview on her hit day time talk show with all the Hollywood children, and I am so ready! OK, I admit to just a tiny bit of stage fright, but that’s a good thing, right? So as Dexter and his husband Daniel are driving down the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to meet us in L.A., my entourage and I (Joseph from my managment team and Darvell my makeup artist) are trying to get to JFK an hour and a half before the flight. Of course all liquids and gels need to be packed in the luggage, as it’s all about security, Miss Thing. My Lord, haven’t they arranged a special entrance yet for divas!? Who is TSA , anyway? I haven’t noticed any new releases from them lately. And where is their new shoe line, hmmm? I ask you.

So we marched on through security and arrived at the gate with plenty of time to spare. Boarded the plane. I, of course was seated in business class. So the moment I sat down, I layed it out -fast to sleep before we even took off. Next, I was awaken by Joseph telling me that we have'nt even left the ground yet. Girl, I thought we had arrived already. I mean, GIRL! Are these people coming for me? Do you not remember the drama on my flight to Chicago? OK, are you ready for this: they found something wrong with one of the engines and needed to wait for a part – while we are sitting on the runway. Unbelievable! This goes on for hours (was it 4?) but it seemed like days, girl, days! Miss American Airlines is always showing out.

Fortunately it’s 3 hours earlier in LA, so it wasn’t terribly late when we got there. And now I have to say a word for my children (and managers) Joseph and Dexter – from the moment we arrived on Thursday afternoon until we returned home on Saturday, everything was like clockwork, on point, organized, bam, bam, bam! Our driver (compliments of the Tyra Banks Show) was waiting to whisk us to our suites at West Hollywood’s Le' Montrose. It’s an unassuming apartment hotel just off Sunset, well appointed and perfectly located. There was no time to rest, as we were already late for an appointment up in the Hollywood Hills.

By the time this was over it was straight back for dinner; which was an all out southern comfort dinner party at Dexter's friend's house - Joe Santos, a celebrity chef in West Hollywood. He deep fried some chicken, smotherd a couple bushels of collard greens, whipped up a fierce potatoe salad, and tossed up the only mac and cheese, girl. I was living to get all up in it. I took a stab at the country fried chicken with a side of Collard greens - it was ovah!

After the meal we were all itching to go out, but had to call it an early night - at least by LA time, because tomorrow is the Big Day.


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