Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Interview - To debut on The Tyra Banks Show

Yesterday, was my day made in heaven, girl! It felt good to be alive, and share my story with the world. I’ll be honest with you – I was nervous. I mean, national television, and all this focus on what happened to me, Tyra, my song "Strut", how I should look for the interview, and how it will all carry over to the public…I mean, Miss Thing!! A girl could panic, she certainly could. But when our driver pulled up to CBS Studios on Beverly and Fairfax and directed us to the stage entrance I must say, I was feeling rather pretty - that is until we discovered that my Roberto Cavalli shirt pulled specifically for my interview had been left back at the hotel. Clapping my hands together I reminded everyone to pay attention to the details (Mmm-hmmm), and so Joseph called the driver to take him back to the hotel for it, and the first crisis was over. I was then whisked away by my personal bodyguard for the day; who was ovah, ovah. He happend to be the bodyguard of a celebrated pop-star; who is always on the cover of a celeb rag for carrying on. But guess what? He was my manny for the day. Absolutely scrumptious. You think their might be a crush brewing?

And speaking of “Over!” the green room was perfect. A lovely space for a QUEEN to prepare for her national television debut. We were greeted by Keisha Knowles - no relation to Ms. Beyonce - the production assistant, who did a fabulous job of making every arrangement prior to my big day and throughout the day as well. The producer of the show, Dan Sterchele stopped by the green room to say hellio, and brief me before the show got underway.

Darvell Freeman of Mess NYC Makeup studios, beat my face into the only beauty fixture, honey! My eyes were pulled, chin chiseled, cheek bones lifted, and lips perched. Eric, a designer friend of mine - very old school, doctored the only couture number for me to Strut too. At 2PM, I was called down to the set for a sound check, and to go over all of my marks. I was ready to give my all. The music started, wind machines blowing, and the camera's were roving. I was cutting up honey, except for one thing: I could not hear myself singing! And I wasn’t having it. So yes, children, I stopped the cameras. Just like that. You girls are going to have to get it right and do it again, because this diva don’t strut without sound, OK? So we did a second take, and then the sound was on point from their on - I was ready to do the real thing.

Around 3PM they started letting the studio audience in. My friends and entourage were seated in the center section, about a dozen in all (I was so happy to see Ari Gold among them!), and with all the others there must have been 80-100 people in the studio audience. The studio is much more compact than it appears on TV, but fiercely decorated. The chandelier was replaced with a disco ball for my entrance (the stage hands were really working it!), how appropriate. It was decided that we would tape my performance of "Strut" before the rest of the show, so I could change and tone it down for the interview. They had this guy working the crowd so they would be ready to respond to me, then the manager was counting backwards and the music began and suddenly I was strutting under a disco ball, blinding lights, and facing cameras. The audience was literally screaming and everything was going great. I felt good, I felt strong, the audience was working overtime, and love was in the air.

Check out the Tyra show later in September and see for yourself. I’d love to know what you think. Go to for details on when the show will air.

So after my performance, they turned the studio back into a living room, the cameras were rolling, and Tyra called me out to tell her my story. There were funny moments and definitely some warm ones. Overall, I think the show was amazing, and I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to share my story with the world, I can’t even tell you.

After the tapeing, we went back to the hotel, and made reservations for a family dinner in the hotel’s restaurant. My whole entourage was there, plus guests such as Ari, Liza, Dahlia, and Andreas. Once again, I got emotional as I recalled the “circles of life” including some dark ones from the past few years and this amazing return to the light that I am experiencing now, together with some of my oldest and closest friends. It was pretty amazing!

We then went out for a taste of West Hollywood’s establishments: Starting with an after-party at East West Lounge; which was ovah. Very Posh. We were in the sky box, they were playing some tunes from my repertoire, and video clips of my past performances - cutting it up. We then headed over to the Abbey for taste. We cut-up with those children there, then headed over to Mickey's to see the go-go boys flaunt their shit. By then it was very close to closing time - you know what they give in Miss La La Land, I had about enough to drink. So, I rounded up my peeps, and we were so out of there. We headed back to the hotel, and proceeded to through an after-hours in Joseph and Darvell's suite. I recall turning towels into turbans and doing some hot club numbers on a make believe runway – you know how the queens do it, right? Honey, we CARRRRYYY-ED!!!

So, check it out: for the day & time that it will air in September.


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