Monday, September 04, 2006

The Legends Ball

I am resting today, and reminiscing on last nights event; which was The Legends Ball - a benefit for moi. It was hosted by Jonny McGovern -the gay pimp of NYC, and Jon Jon Battles at The Park. It was the rambles meets a night with Kevin Aviance. Very festive! I hand picked a few of the downtown girls - most of them from the house of Aviance - to perform various songs from my albums. It was hot. I had T-Boy turn-out "Give it up", Nita Aviance twirled to "Join in the Chant", Kim Aviance elegantly served it up to "Chocolate", Ms. Linda James had the children going up for "Strut", and Ms. Erika Aviance (pictured below) gagged me with Din Da Da. Mother Juan Aviance was present; looking on so proudly at her children. It was a great event. That Jonny McGovern, she could pack a room with lovely boys. It was gorgeous!

A big thank you to Jonny McGovern, Jon Jon Battles, and all of the girls. You definitely put a smile on my face. I am blessed to have people like this in my life. Thanks for the support!


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