Friday, September 15, 2006

End of Fashion Week - Wooing for Jason Wu!

Last night, first I headed out to Comix - this new comedy club in the meatpacking district - where Cathy Griffith of the D-List was the host amongst others; like David Spade carrying on. I arrived with my loverly publicist of publicist's Len Evans; whom I am sure you all know, and we were there to see some comedy up-close-and-personal. I have to say, first of all we were running a bit late - obviously because of me - the venue was packed, and we had to see the show the from the oh so fabu lobby-lobby. I'm sorry, but Ms. Griffith was looking very busted! She should have thought that when she had her makeup person apply the lovelyness to her fotch, that it will have transcended well onto the TV screens in the decked out lobby as well. I was like girl, what are you doing? No response from her, because we weren't up-close-and-personal. We made the tail-end of the press line-up, and needless to say, we looked loverly and had an agenda to attend to anyway. So, we PRESSED ON!

We sauntered on up to the tents at Bryant Park to see Jason Wu's new Spring 2007 Collection; which by the way was ovah ka nova. He may only be twenty-three years old, but he’s got a ton of maturity, polish and sophistication. His spring collection is done in mostly white, black and barely a ballet pink. He also did a lot of asymmetrical hems and layered gauzy tulle frocks. I can’t really say how much I adore his pieces…they’re just so gorgeous. Seriously, the question really is what don’t you love about his collection (which for me, is almost nothing!). He ushered out the only corseted soft sillouhette strapless dresses, paired with these 3" naughty secretary pumps. It was genious! All I have to say is, "Wu's next season is to be young, gifted, and is all about understanding a real women". I totaly take my bullhead of a hat of to him. I Love it! Watch out for Wu, because he is coming for you - Spring 2007!

A loverly Stoli night for me - it was well worth it!


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