Saturday, September 23, 2006

Strutting in a Lucas Production

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Dare We Call It Lucasfilm?
Wayne Anderson writes:

As I may have mentioned, I have been cast as an extra in Michael Lucas’ adult version of La Dolce Vita. Today, a fashion show was shot for the movie, and NYC’s downtown scenesters were out in full force. Playing the part of a paparazzo, I had camera in hand and was encouraged to take as many photos as I'd like (so I went hog wild). Kevin Aviance, looking every bit the triumphant diva, marched down the runway with his new dance track “Strut” blasting from the speakers [Kevin Aviance World note: which was licensed for the movie]. The seated crowd needed no prodding from the production staff to jump to their feet and applaud the return of a true NYC icon (I friggin' LOVED it). Amanda Lepore (who I have to say looked great) was also in attendance, as well as writer Michael Musto and, unless somebody spiked my drink and I hallucinated, I'm pretty sure I saw the Cowboy from The Village People! [Editors note: You did!]

Stay tuned to for a release date. Also visit to read about the day-to-day behind the scenes out-takes of the film. It's ovah - a definate must see.


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