Monday, October 16, 2006

Back from Tucson with Pride

Today, I am back in NY from my GiG in TUCSON, Arizona.

But, before I get into the kiki's and tra la la la la's, I just want to say how sadden I am about the passing of my fellow Gay Black Brother - MICHEAL SANDY; who was savagely beaten,and killed for being GAY. I didn't personally know him, but my heart goes out to his family and friends. Him passing to the same drama I went through, has really gagged me. I received a phone call from a somewhat friend that was very upset and told me, "GURL YOU KNOW YOU COULD HAVE DIED?" I don't know what this person was thinking on the other line, but my reaction was silenced; as if the twisted metal wires were clamped down on my jaw again. I mean, yes I am alive - and very fortunate, but MISS THANG - the nerve of someone to come out their face like that. While I was silent, I just asked GOD TO GIVE ME THE RIGHT THING TO SAY, and it was nothing. I just kept my mouth shut! That's another story, for another day. It's called "HOW DARE YOU".

If you can't make it to the rally today, you can see it on your local news tonight
or even look it up on the web. I will have a full story for you on that tommorrow.

WELL the Gig was amazing! I got to perform on an great stage for TUCSON's GAY PRIDE, and hung-out with some ole gurl friends. First, I WANNA GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO MY SISTER MRS. ULTRA NATE - LOLOlollololoLOLLO. WOW I have known this woman and her body of work for most of my gay life. She is all over my life soundtrack. Her new song, LOVE IS THE DRUG" is OVAH, and one of my favorite's when I am spinning at my party STRUT on THRUSDAY'S at REBEL. She was there with a friend of hers; who was my teacher of "the runway walk" - during the TRACKS DC DAYS. His name is MISS JONATHAN. We were reminiscing about all of the gurls; some who are alive, and some who have passed on . Oh how I MISS THOSE DAYS. Especially ALL OF THOSE BLACK OVAH QUEENS - CARRRYING ON . WOW!!!!! THANK YOU DC.

Earlier, yesterday I had gotten a call from Miss LONNIE GORDON. She was checking up on me and letting me know she was returning to the dance floor - to pump-up the children. IT'S GOING TO BE HOT HOT!!!! She has for the past 3 yrs been in
VEGAS; perfoming w/ another dear friend of mine JOEY ARIES in the Circque de Soliel production of ZUMANITY -
designed by another friend of mine THIERRY MUGLER. Yes, I am NAME DROPPING TODAY. LoLoLoLoL.............FAGS ARE FIERCE, HONEY!!!! We are the ones that make this world a beautiful place.

Anyway, so MISS LONNIE and I will be touching base next week to talk about collaborating on a HOT HOT HOT music project. You will be the first to know when it's done.

The trip was just truly fab. The Gods blessed me with a new person in my life MR. QUENTIN JENKINS (pictured in the purple blouse); he was the one who booked for Tucson, and he is the dj at the club IBT on SATUDAY NIGHTS. He dj'd, weeeeerked the lights, and carried on. WOWOWOWOWOOWOWOOOWWW.......I watched that man all night. His skills are amazing, and he knows his music, darling!

What a pleaure, and thank you for your time and energy. TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING (inside joke) Also, a big thank you to TRAVIS FOR TAKING GREAT CARE OF ME; GETTING ME SLURPEEs. HAPPY GAY PRIDE TUCSON. IT WAS A PLEASURE!!!!! Except for the lesbian who was rude to me during MY SHOW. The audience started throwing things at her, and she still still didn't get the picture - sit yo ass down, and be nice. It was very DRAMATIC AND STUPID ON HER PART. "GOD BLESS YOU, GURL".



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