Kevin Aviance World

Monday, August 28, 2006

My Life Time Achievement Award

Tonight was a ki ki, honey!

I attended the 2nd annual Next Magazine Awards at Crobar.

First, I headed over to Mess Makeup studios to have my makeup done by Darvell. He painted my face lovely, of course. Then I got up into my version of Samurai Couture - It was gorgeous!
Dexter & Joseph picked me up, and we then pressed on over to the function. We arrived just in time to make the press line-up. With all the paparazzi giving me shout-outs, I was posing left & right, up to the minute like the camera's shutter speed. Glowing I was, feeling so enlightend to be in attendance to a publication that has paid me much homage over the years.

We were then escorted through the crowd, and then up to the VIP lounge; where a myriad of people were also there to recieve awards for their cutting-ups throughout the year. I was immediatly greeted by the legendary Village Voice celebrity columnist Michael Musto; whom is so funny, and I adore. I then took a moment to chat with Patrik Ian Polk; who is the director/executive producer of the Hit TV show "Noah's Arch" on Logo. We kiki'd for a moment, and caught up on some good conversation. The cocktails were flowing, everyone looked so happy to be there, and I was also glad to be there too. The opening of the show was cute. Miss Peppermint Gummie Bear was the host - she looked gorgeous, and did many costume changes. I was like, "girl, the children are really feeling Oscars tonight". LOL....They were carrying-on, honey!

Upstairs in the VIP room, their were many other media outlets to sit down with and dish, dish, dish. I had the opportunity to chat with Tony - coorespondent of the cable news show "Under the Pink Carpet". He was a hoot, child. We chatted about all sorts of things surrounding the gay community and my career; including my new line of shoes for women to debut February 2007.

The moment had arrived for me to go up and accept my life time achievement award for excellence in the GLBT community. They showed a video montage of my videos. It was a bit emotional, girl. It was a moment for me to remember all the wonderful people I had the opportunity to collaborate with over the years. After the announcement of my name, I went up to the stage to thank everyone who have been alongside me and my journey through the ever overness of a career I now call Kevin Aviance World.

Thanks to the people who support me through and through every day. I couldn' do it without you guys. Also, a big thank you to Next Magazine for recognizing my achievements.